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Hello and welcome to Andersson Hydrofoils. Our goal is to put hydrofoils on every surfboard, kite board, wakeboard and windsurfing board on the planet! We want to bring foiling to the masses through unbeatable pricing and quality. Our new Surf Foil the Black Fish is light weight and easy to learn on. You will never out grow this foil. The Black Fish will keep excelling along with your foiling skills. It is also by far the best value on the market today. You get the complete Black Fish Hydrofoil for $399 just contact us at the email below. The Black Fish front wing is an Epoxy Composite construction. The back wing is made of G-10 (Super compressed fiberglass/epoxy) and the mast/Fuselage is 6061-T6 grade Air Craft Aluminum.

We are a local company out of Huntington Beach, CA. We sell direct and can make you a foil for $399. Just contact us at the email below or give us a call. We can also ship to most countries for under $100.

We also provide lessons for all Foil sports. Just call or email us!

Email: [email protected]


Northern Minnesota Hydrofoil Society on the andersson black Fish wake foil

Andersson Black Fish Surfing/SUP foil

test riding the new Bi-directional "skate twin" Kite foil.

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