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We have been building and riding hydrofoil boards for over 12 years, beginning in Maui, Hawaii. From the very start with tow-in hydrofoil surfing big waves including Jaws, everything had to be bomb proof and extremely reliable. Carbon mast/fuselage construction proved to be too delicate for the foil, with both parts breaking in the high loads riding big waves. Most Carbon foils on the market today are quite frail and must be handled very carefully, they crack or even break when you bottom out, or run into objects in the water. Andersson foils have a bomb proof but lightweight 1-piece 6061-T6 aluminum mast/fuselage, & lightweight solid G-10 wings. The mast is also stiffer than any carbon mast, in both flex and torsion, at nearly the same weight it is almost impossible to break. There's also a huge difference in price. Andersson hydrofoils are much more affordable than any other foils on the market and can be mounted to any Surf board, Skim board, Wake board, Kite board or Windsurfing board. If you have any questions of how to turn your beater board into a foil board just let us know!

Please ask us about International Shipping Rates. We can pretty much ship our foils to any where in the world for less than $100.

Please support USA made.